Marriage in Seychelles for UAE Residents

Marriage in Seychelles for UAE Residents

Marriage in Seychelles for UAE Residents: One of the best options for foreign couples residing in Dubai or Abu Dhabi which like to get married quickly without hassle is a official wedding for UAE expatriates in Seychelles.

The Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 small and large islands with a total area of 455 km². The islands lie scattered over hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in the Indian Ocean.

Even the name Seychelles awakens paradisiacal associations. But the reality is even more beautiful. You can expect a marriage trip to an evergreen tropical archipelago. Creole exoticism and a French way of life merge here. Each bay offers dream beaches. Beaches are nestled between crystal clear water and impressive granite rocks.

Seychelles a perfect for your destination wedding

Almost half of the total land area has been declared a protected area. The islands are home to an amazing tropical flora and endemic fauna. Unique is also the underwater world with its colorful reef fish, shellfish, squid and sea turtles as well as rays You can find big perches up to the gentle giant of the sea, the whale shark.

The year-round balanced tropical climate. The friendly multi-cultural population, a well-kept hotel industry, fine sandy beaches, huge granite rocks and lush green tropical forests are the ingredients for the island paradise of Seychelles. All this combined attracts so many UAE expats which come to Seychelles for 2,3,5 or more days to get married here.

Wedding Planning for UAE expatriates

Pleasant and affordable Marriage in Seychelles for UAE Residents

You come from Dubai and you think of luxury yachts, multimillionaires and spectacular beaches in the Seychelles? That does not have to be. Because the islands in the Indian Ocean are quite affordable for wedding couples with a smaller travel budget, visa on arrival and just a few requirements. We tell you how. Read our guide: Wedding in Seychelles from Dubai

The Seychelles is an attractive island country in the Indian Ocean, which belongs to Africa. These archipelagos are extremely attractive from the enchanting sandy beaches and the wonderful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Therefor, it attract more and more vacationers. This growing importance as a travel destination has long since reached couples in love and especially wedding couples. They enjoy their honeymoon in the Seychelles more and more.

The Seychelles for a perfect honeymoon

The pleasure is of course, on the one hand, in the attractive landscape in the form of the already mentioned beaches and the enchanting sea. On the other hand, it is also the hotels that are increasingly specializing in such couples and trips. Attractive offers at quiet hotels with rooms or suites that are specially designed for a romantic stay. They make your stay an unforgettable journey. Get a honeymoon that will always remain in your mind and heart.

Easy wedding planning for UAE Residents

Seychelles makes it easy for UAE residents to get married on the islands. There is no need for you to collect an extensive amount of certified documents. In most cases and if you have never married before, only your passport and birth certificate is needed. This simple procedure makes Seychelles the number one destination for a marriage in Seychelles for UAE residents.

The UAE embassy attested Wedding Certificate

Since November 2018 all expatriates which gets married in Seychelles, need their wedding certificate attested by the UAE embassy in Seychelles.

You receive the official attested wedding documents which are accepted instantly by the UAE authorities. Secondly, you proceed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai to register the wedding. From now on you can enjoy your stay as husband and wife in the United Arab Emirates. Read our guide: How to legalize the Seychelles marriage certificate in UAE?

If you have a few days to spend, you may add some days after your wedding to enjoy a tranquil and relaxed honeymoon. Just ask us for more info and we are glad to assist you.

Contact us, we are the best wedding planner for UAE expatriates and guide you through the process. We do all the arrangements and required paperwork for you.

Wedding in Seychelles for UAE expatriates

Marriage in Seychelles for UAE bi-national expatriate couples:

  • Indian & Canadian

  • German & Filipino

  • British & Lebanese

  • Brazilian & Spanish

  • Italian & Croatian

  • Omani & Russian

  • Emirati & Ukrainian

  • Filipino & South African

  • Yemeni & French

  • Australian & Colombian

  • Pakistani & Indian

  • Vietnamese & Austrian

  • Canadian & Slovakian

  • Vietnamese & Austrian

  • Moroccan & Syrian

  • Egyptian & Russian

  • American & South African

  • Belgian & Korean

  • Indonesia & Polish

  • Italian & Russian

  • British & Nigerian

  • Jordanian & Brazilian

  • Romanian & Filipino

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