Filipino Wedding in Seychelles

Filipino Wedding in Seychelles

UAE is a middle eastern country and the religion is Islam, the Sharia law allows only married couples to live together. If you are an Filipino expat like us you have to follow the rules in UAE and don’t risk anything- a Filipino Wedding in Seychelles was our option.

Our dream has always been to marry on the beach. The choices were Philippines (way too much complicated paperwork), the Maldives (marriage not legally recognised) and the Seychelles (passport + birth certificate only). It was clear that the Seychelles will become the place for our dream wedding. If you are also a airline crew member: UAE Cabin Crew Wedding

At 12 o’clock we started styling with my hair and make-up. The stylist was also organised by UAE Expat Wedding, I have send some sample pictures of the desired hair styling in advance to them. You can not choose one before, because you just have to have confidence. I have chosen the bridal bouquet from a few variants by email and in the end, the bridal bouquet was just perfect. A thousand times more beautiful than in the photos with white beautiful frangipani flowers.

Simple and pleasant Filipino wedding in Seychelles

During the time when I got styled, my husband could relax comfortably by the hotel pool.

We got married at a beautiful beach at Beau Vallon. The wedding usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, so absolutely no mass processing and very personal, we also had our very own vows written on a paper. After the ceremony, we had our toast and cút the cake, then we went to the shoot at the beach with our photographer.

We had combined our wedding with a small honeymoon of 3 nights and have spend all time relaxing at the beach and hotel pool.. For us, it was the perfect wedding day and a pleasant stay in Seychelles.

Easy Filipino Marriage in Seychelles

Filipino Wedding in Seychelles – Documents Filipinos need to Present

It is very easy to marry in Seychelles! All you need is a passport, birth certificate and if you have been divorced your annulment paper. The wedding on the beach is then directly legally recognized in UAE. Once back in UAE, you move to MOFA in Dubai and register your marriage. Read more at: Legalize the Seychelles marriage certificate in UAE

Bridal Gown & Co.

Whether you wear only a small white summer dress or a full bridal gown – that is absolutely a matter of taste but keep in mind the there is a tropical climate in Seychelles with high humidity and temperatures above 30 degree. For the photos, a real wedding dress is of course more beautiful – so may keep is sleeveless.

In any case, I would not buy a too expensive dress, so that you can also go without worry into the water. I run into the ocean with my dress – so I was able to wash out the sand again. At home I have put it in a box with lovely Seychelles sand on it.


What does such a wedding cost in the Seychelles? There are some costs as flight, accommodation and the wedding, but it’s definitely not more expensive compared to a wedding with the family and you can combine the wedding directly with the honeymoon.

For the flight to Seychelles (from Dubai approx. 4 hours non-stop) one can count on 650 EUR – 900 EUR depend on the season you go to Seychelles.

A beach wedding package with wedding certificate, ceremony, decoration and all the trimmings starts at 720 EUR. You can book also options like bridal bouquet, pavilion, hair & make-up, photographer and other extras.

Then of course the hotel is added. The prices for one night start at about 100 EUR for a guesthouse to 800 EUR for a 5 star hotel.

The Wedding

For your Filipino wedding in Seychelles we recommend a wedding in the afternoon. Then you can relax at noon and make ready after the wedding still beautiful photos towards sunset.

Best travel time:

All-year-round, May to April and October to November are a bit more windy and warmer (good for diving and snorkelling), from December to February it rains the most (but these are usually only strong, warm short rains).

Filipino Couple at the beach

Register your marriage in Dubai

Filipinos have to process to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. Bring your wedding documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located on the ground floor area of Al Twar Centre and get a token. Then your marriage papers will be stamped if I remember correctly you have pay about 160 AED for it.

The MOFA opening times are from Sunday-Thursday 8AM to 2PM,
Phone: +971 800 44444

For more Info how frustration and time consuming a wedding in UAE can be check out the following
Marriage – The Official Portal of the UAE Government
Procedures for marriage of Muslims and Non-Muslims in Dubai

10 replies
      • shiela
        shiela says:

        hi, i’m currently in UAE, husband is in italy, wedding in seychelles. may i ask how did you process your report of marriage in the philippines? is there a jurisdiction that the marriage should be reported in seychelles ?

        • Dennis
          Dennis says:

          Filipino nationals who like to register the marriage in the Philippines, must do the registration via the Philippines Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

          You have to send the wedding certificate with Apostille, along with a Letter of Authentication issued by the Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a filled form, and 4 passport photos of each via courier to the embassy in Nairobi.

          You receive the wedding certificate with Apostille & Letter of Authentication from us, we can also send you the required form.

          NAIROBI, KENYA

          +254-736-310048 +254-734-450001

          • Jessie
            Jessie says:

            Hi, may i ask after wedding in Seychelles the Report of Marriage in Phil. Embassy in Kenya we will send the apostilled wedding documents through courier. How can we pay the fee if via bank transfer to the embassy? Do you have their bank details in case? And also it should be Return Service as we need our personal copy of report of marriage from Phil Embassy in Kenya.Is their anyway to collect from the embassy via courier if the Report of Marriage copy is ready?
            Thank you.

          • Dennis
            Dennis says:

            Hello Jessie,

            During the COVID19 times, it’s best to contact the Philippines embassy in advance, as may procedures have changed or are temporary on hold. See the address below.

            NAIROBI, KENYA
            Phone +254-736-310048
            Phone +254-734-450001

  1. Cess
    Cess says:

    Hi, we got married in the Seychelles 4 years ago and we haven’t registered our marriage yet. I am just wondering if you registered by yourself or did you hired someone in the Seychelles to help you? Looking forward to your reply.

    • Dennis
      Dennis says:

      Hello Cess,

      well noted that you have not registered the marriage in UAE in the past 4 years. The UAE authorities have changed the marriage process for UAE expatriates in November 2018. Since that time UAE expatriates need their wedding documents attested by the UAE embassy in Seychelles, with this attested document package you process to MOFA in Dubai and register the marriage. In order to get your marriage legalized in UAE, you need a new set of UAE embassy attested wedding documents. See also: How to register the marriage in UAE

      Hope that helps.

      Kind regards
      Expat Wedding Team


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